Shu Movie Review: “What Happens in Vegas”

Shu Movie Review: “What Happens in Vegas”

I plunked down $5 for two tickets at the Kleeburg $2.50 shows last week and thought, “I can’t believe I’m actually paying to see an Ashton Kutcher movie.”  Beyond that, I was pleasantly surprised.  I went in expecting a weak storyline, shallow character development and a lot of cheap pranks and got pretty much what I expected.

What I didn’t expect was to actually laugh out loud through most of the movie.  Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, for some reason, worked fairly well together.  Diaz delivers a solid comedic performance which reminded me a lot of The Sweetest Thing while the rest of the cast of nobodies added a few cheap laughs.  Dennis Miller also adds a few laughs in his short appearance as the Judge.

If you’re looking for a totally mindless but entertaining movie, watch this one, enjoy it and then forget it.   I give it 3 1/2 Shu’s.

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