Shu Movie Review: “The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”

Shu Movie Review: “The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”

Being an Egyptian god myself, I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying the first two Mummy movies.

But when I heard that Rachel Weisz wasn’t returning to revive her role as Evie, couple that with the missing dry comedy of Oded Fehr, and the movie already had a tough row to hoe.

Unfortunately, as much as it tried, it just wasn’t able to overcome those odds.  The movie just plain wasn’t as much fun as the others.  I just didn’t find the humor in any of the characters.

The special effects and many of the action sequences were very well done and that served to keep things interesting at least.  But the writing was horrible, Maria Bello as Evelyn just wasn’t believable and Luke Ford as Alex O’Connell is a terrible action hero.  Brendan Fraser and John Hannah called it in on this this one.  Jet Li (isn’t he supposed to be retired?) does what Jet Li does, but even he can’t save this one.  Most disappointing was the relegation of the O’Connell’s to nothing more than comedy relief in the main battle scene.  The previous “Mummy’s” always featured the O’Connell’s as the main characters in the final fight of good vs. evil.  This time, sadly, cgi skeletons took over that role and the movie suffers because of it.

Wait for the $2.50 shows or for it to come out on dvd or cable.  Don’t buy into the hype.  I give it 3 Shu’s.

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