My New Toy

My New Toy

Motorola Moto Q9c

I got a new toy last month.  The two years on my cell phone contract had long since passed and with Verizon’s “New every two” deal, I had been watching to see what I could get for free.

So when this baby came up for free.  I jumped at it.  It’s a Motorola Moto Q9c.  Basically, it’s Motorola’s version of the Blackberry.  It plays games, gets my email, surfs the net, does text and instant messaging, plays games, does music and videos, takes pictures and videos and basically a lot of other crap I haven’t even discovered yet. It’s not a perfect phone as I’ve already come to find out, but so far I’ve been mostly happy with it.

I coupled it with unlimited voice and yesterday upgraded to unlimited data, so basically I can get connected to the net from pretty much anywhere.  As evidenced by an earlier post, I can even blog from the road.

Yes, I did get a Bluetooth for it.  But I’m trying not to become one of “those people” who has the damn thing stuck on their ear all day.

Sorry ladies, you can’t have my digits though.  🙂

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