Lesson in Customer Service

Lesson in Customer Service

Michelle and I were out at Tripps on New Garden the other night and had a very unusual experience.

Michelle had ordered a Shrimp Alfredo dish as her main course and I was having a dish with chicken breasts covered with a lemon mushroom sauce. Of course we got the bread and olive oil & spice dip. Michelle had a salad also. (Of course I couldn’t have a salad because of my blood thinner meds…lol) But when the main courses arrived, Michelle was less than thrilled.

Her Shrimp Alfredo just didn’t seem up to par. There wasn’t anything really in particular “wrong” with it…it just wasn’t that great. She even had me sample some of it to make sure. I agreed…it just wasn’t all that. Consequently she resigned herself to having just a few bites and taking the rest home.

That’s when Glen, the manager, happened upon the scene. He was making the rounds from table to table when he very astutely noticed that Michelle had barely touched her dinner. He asked her if anything was wrong with it and she commented that it just wasn’t hitting the spot. Glen, to our surprise, after asking if he could get her something else, then told us that he was going to take her Shrimp Alfredo off of the bill for us. We were amazed at the offer and told him so. He told us that it’s Tripps satisfaction guarantee policy that if you don’t like it, you don’t pay for it.

So I quickly told him that mine was awful as well…but I don’t think he bought it as he watched me sop up the last of the lemon mushroom sauce with a piece of bread. I think he was fearful that I was going to start licking my plate. I was so happy though, that I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that our waiter had made a mistake in sending out regular mashed potatoes on my order instead of the mashed sweet potatoes I had wanted.

So props to Glen for being a very observant and helpful manager. That’s the kind of service that gets repeat business from me.

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