On the road again for the next 6 days.  Hangin’ with wonderful VFW folk from all over the country and the world at the National VFW Convention in Orlando, Florida.  Will be spending some time at the Peabody Hotel. Of course, one of the draws of the Peabody chain is their trained ducks.  They got the right idea.  It’s hot and humid here so hanging out by the pool is the plan.  In their case, the “pool” is the water fountain in the middle of the hotel lobby area.

3 thoughts on “Duckies

  1. I wonder who keeps the “Duck Leavings” cleaned up? I don’t see any in the photos and I have been around ducks enough to know they really do not care where they leave things.

  2. I am missing you already. Wish I was with you. Feed the duckies for me.
    Sounds like you need to hang out by the pool too. In it that is.
    Love you babe!

  3. I don’t know, Joe. But I’m sure they have some low paid, probably non-English speaking person to do the cleanup.

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