Candidates are missing me

Candidates are missing me

I used to complain about the number and frequency of campaign commercials on tv in past elections.  It used to really get on my nerves when I would see the same commercials over and over again.

But not anymore.

Since acquiring a DVR a few years ago, commercials go by in blissful silence.  I don’t think I’ve seen a campaign ad yet this year…from any party or any candidate.  Candidates are spending millions on tv commercials…and for that matter newspaper ads which I don’t subscribe to…and their message isn’t getting thru to me.  What a waste.

Because like a growning number of Americans, I choose where and how I get my media today.  So I ask the candidates, what are you doing to reach me…and others like me?  Ya better be online for starters.

I wonder how long it will take til someone successfully runs a virtual campaign for a major office.

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