White Sands

White Sands

Don’t you just hate it when work interrupts your slacking? We were running way ahead of schedule on our trip from Illinois to El Paso so we decided to make an unplanned visit to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico before heading to our delivery.

We were in nearby Alamogordo on our way when the batphone rang with a load offer to Kentucky from one of our carriers. We bid a little high for the El Paso area so we continued on not expecting to get the load. Just as we were about to pull in at White Sands, he called back and told us we won the load.

Unfortunately, it meant having to move up our delivery in order to make the pickup time for the KY load. So we grabbed a couple quick pics and moved on. Happy to get the load but bummed we didn’t get more time there. For some reason, we don’t usually get to see New Mexico during the daylight so I threw in a few pics from the desert as well.

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