Seeing Libby’s Butt

Seeing Libby’s Butt

A bunch of shorties got the job done this week…and got us some home time. Kansas City to Chicago on Monday. Then Chicago dropping Wednesday morning in Graham, NC. Quickly dropped the van off to get a suspicious check engine light checked out. Got the van back on Thursday and stole a load to Ohio by underbidding another driver by $5. Dropped Friday morning and grabbed another over to Jersey City, New Jersey which we delivered late Friday evening.

Our delivery last night was very near the Statue of Liberty so we were in the middle of trying (unsuccessfully) to get a decent shot of her when the phone rang just before midnight. We ended up placing a bid and eventually winning a load from Jersey to Gordonsville, Virginia picking up early this morning.

Every load this week ended up with higher than usual rates for some unknown reason. Gotta work smarter instead of harder, right? 😁 That was good enough for us for the week so home we go for two nights in our own bed. Yay!

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