Gone to the Dogs

Gone to the Dogs

They say timing is everything. It certainly was today as we were able to deliver our freight this afternoon in northwest Missouri instead of having to wait until Monday morning.

As we pulled into the parking lot at the receiver, a young lady stepped out of the building to walk her dog. Michelle stepped out and asked if it would be possible to unload or if we would have to come back on Monday. She said if we didn’t mind waiting while she walked the dog, she would unload us when she got back. She said two minutes earlier, she might not have heard us knocking from the back office. Two minutes later and we might have missed her while she walked the dog.

Fortunately, she was certified to operate a forklift and got us unloaded. That wrapped up a pretty good week so we notified all of our carriers we are taking the rest of the weekend off to catch up on some sleep.

The cool thing was while the lady was walking her dog. Two local dogs from the neighborhood paid us a friendly visit. They had collars but no name tags, and they were friendly boys. 🙂

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