Getting Started

Getting Started

Before we hit the road, we had to get the van ready for expediting.  That means we had to get everything we needed to both carry freight and live in the van as much as possible to cut our expenses. 

First thing we had to do was add in a new floor.  The floor that the van came with was a rubber mat with some carpet-style backing on top of the metal.  Yeah, we could have just saved ourselves the trouble and ripped out the flooring, but we decided to leave it there for insulation purposes and put a layer of plywood with e-track on top of it.  A friend-of-a-friend took on the job for us and had it finished in a day.  While he was at it, he also installed a row of Rubbermaid Fasttrack on either side near the ceiling so we could hang stuff on the walls up off the floor.


Once that was in place, we started moving stuff in and getting it organized.  Of course Michelle had to try on the safety equipment in the process. 

And it all looked much better in the end.


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